CLEMSE LLC is a limited liability company that manufactures and sells clothing,  accessories and organic beauty products



CLEMSE is a fashion and beauty brand based in the United States

we offer several varieties of clothing ranging from dresses, jampsuits, jackets to the simplest cocktail outfits,

We also have several varieties of shoes and bags

Our online store www.clemse.com is based on an idea of ​​having a place where you can find everything you want to stand out without having to think too much and save time...

Our target clientele is anyone active with sophisticated tastes who loves color and wants to bring that little something different to their look...

With clemse you are sure to be clean from head to toe and get noticed everywhere you go while being sober and classy...

We have created the best parts for you and remain at your disposal for any questions relating to your orders.

You can reach us more by sms or whats app at 001 (309) 721 2529

We'll make ourselves available for all of your purchases so you can make very informed choices and go where you want without fear of falling short. Whether at home, at work, at the market or at a wedding, you are and will remain chic with CLEMSE

CLEMSE is your senerite-inspired beauty secret