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Large Regular PU Leather Tote Bag : CHALLENGE

Large Regular PU Leather Tote Bag : CHALLENGE

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Large Regular PU Leather Tote Bag : CHALLENGE

When you're up for a challenge, you need the right bag! Our Large Regular PU Leather Tote Bag: CHALLENGE is the perfect pick for the modern day adventurer. With its large, PU leather construction, this trendy tote will have you ready for anything life throws at you! Let's get to it!


  • Designed for Unisex. 

Key Features

✅ 100% high-grade PU faux leather.

✅ Durable long straps for shoulder carrying.

✅ Ultra-large interior capacity for the storage of daily must-haves.


'Broken Mirror it's a heartrending journey back to your very core. For those who've lingered in the shadows of their aspirations and yearnings, for those whose dreams were brushed aside, today is the day to roar.

This collection isn't just threads; it's my soul unfurled. It's a resounding proclamation: I am stunning, I am unique, I am a tempest of strength and courage.

This isn't just fashion; this is a tribute to the warriors who've faced life's trials head-on. This is for you, who've braved storms and emerged victorious, wearing your scars like badges of honor.

Embrace the vibrant, audacious 'Broken Mirror' piece that resonates with your spirit

– it's not just an outfit, it's your declaration that you're here, and you're unbreakable. 💪🌈

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